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The Famous Black Knight Inn

Many local of Red Deer, Alberta Canada and tourists have fond memories of the Black Knight Inn. 

This is a landmark of the area with deep roots in the history of the area. It is special to many people due to the fun they had there staying in the hotel, seeing entertainment around the area, or the dinner theatre. For others, it was a learning environment where they attended conferences. What’s left is a beautiful piece of real estate that was for sale.

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Sadly, the Black Knight Inn closed down in 2021, but that doesn’t diminish the impact it has had on the area or the place it holds in the hearts of many people that were part of that history in the making. This website offers a trip back in time, a place to learn of the history of the Black Knight Inn and offer tribute to it. 

The Legacy

Sharing stories and appreciating the historical value means the establishment can live on even if it is no longer open. So many cherish the time they spent working at this hotel or their stay there. Others remember performances they watched or that they took part in. The connections from people are brought together here. It is a wonderful way to keep the love for the Black Knight Inn alive.


While we encourage you to visit the site and explore the information, we would love to hear from you about your own memories too! You can send a short story, pictures, or even share mementos you have of your time there. The contributions will help us all keep the spirit of this place in the hearts and memories of people that loved it! It is fun to read the stories and walk through those moments with people. Others will enjoy your contribution too.

Virtual Exhibits

Perhaps you didn’t get to experience the Black Knight Inn firsthand! Don’t worry, the virtual exhibits give you a chance to explore and take it all in! If you did experience it, this is a chance for you to do so again. Doing so may jog your memories of your time there too! The charm of the place is something people don’t forget! 

Some of the virtual exhibits of the Black Knight Inn include the construction, the grand opening, and even the final days. There is so much history from start to finish for this place, it is fun to reminisce as you explore these virtual exhibits at your own pace. There is no denying the significance of the place in the culture and history of Red Deer.


Many people find the information on the website to hold educational value to them. This includes artists, construction workers, and architects. Researchers and historians often visit the site to collect information or confirm dates. Anyone looking into the history of Red Deer will find the legacy of the Black Knight Inn to be worthy of exploring.

While this hotel and entertainment centre isn’t open anymore, it has taken on a life of its own on this website. It is a wonderful tribute to the many decades it was in operation. Sharing stories, saving memories, and showing pictures all help people to remember it for what it was. There is a sense of pride this community has when they talk about the Black Knight Inn. They know it means so much to residents, visitors, and those that had a chance to perform there. It is a way to save the history of the building and to put a smile on your face through nostalgia as you take a trip down memory lane.

The Real Estate

The land in which Black Knight Inn was on is a highly valued piece of real estate. There were some thoughts of affordable housing or condos for the area that would give housing to local residents or those looking to move to Red Deer. However, in one corner of the land a KIA dealership has been built. There is still plenty of land to build future projects. Will it be residential? Will it be commercial? We will keep you updated.
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