The story of the Black Knight Inn

black knight in colour

Black Knight Inn History

One of the historical landmarks located in Red Deer, Alberta Canada is The Black Knight Inn. For more than 50 years it has been a party of the culture and history unfolding in this area. It is symbolic of the amazing hospitality offered here and the entertainment that surrounds the area. Being in the centre of the city, it is greatly appreciated for all it offers.

The legacy of the Black Knight Inn originated in 1963 due to the vision of Carl Bayley, a businessman in the Red Deer region. He wanted to create a place where people could enjoy both the entertainment offered and the hotel accommodations. It didn’t take long for local investors or the community to back his vision for this place.

The actual construction of the place started in 1965. The hotel officially opened to guests on February 19th of 1966. The name is from the early history and legends of King Arthur. The hotel features a medieval theme that everyone has been in awe of! From the day it opened, people have come to visit the place and reserve rooms. Both locals of Red Deer and tourists come to check it out.

The location is very convenient and the rooms are comfortable. The ballroom offers a grand place for a wedding reception or other event to be held. There are smaller banquet rooms and a restaurant. It isn’t uncommon for the Black Knight Inn to be a convenient place for a conference to take place. Attendees can conveniently go to the various rooms for their sessions and also stay at the hotel. The hotel gets top reviews for all it offers and the amazing staff.

In the 1970s, the Black Knight expanded. The conference centre adjoined to it was part of that expansion. Over the years, the hotel has been upgraded to ensure the rooms and property offer a charming appeal but all the comforts a person could need while away from home. It is a common place for people to stay when they visit Red Deer for various forms of entertainment. It is easy to get to area theatres and events from this hotel.

A popular attraction is actually onsite, the Black Knight Dinner Theatre. It is home to various types of performances throughout the year. This includes musicals and plays. They are often performed by local artists. Sometimes, national artists travel to perform at this location. The dinner theatre is small and intimate, offering a memorable place to take in dinner and a show. The food is incredible.

The list of famous people that have visited the Black Night Inn to perform or stay in the hotel is quite long! This includes actors, comedians, and many others. All of it has added to the history and legacy of Red Deer. The place does all it can to give back to the community too. This includes being involved in various charities and events.

Sadly, the Black Knight Inn shut down in 2021. While it was hard for many to see that happen, they have fond memories of the place. It will always be part of the history of this area.