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Audio/Visual Equipment

Should you require audio/visual equipment, be sure to inform our catering staff of your specific needs, so arrangements can be made accordingly. While you may bring in the equipment you require, we have the resources to provide you with up-to-date equipment and trained personnel to ensure your meeting runs smoothly and efficiently.

Decoration Policies

No pins or thumbtacks allowed. Before hanging anything on the walls, please consult with Sales & Catering office. Candles may be used as long as the flame is enclosed by a non-flammable structure. The use of all open flame candles and the throwing of confetti are strictly prohibited. If confetti is used in the room a cleanup charge of $200.00 will be applied. All decorations must meet Red Deer Fire Department Codes. The convener is responsible for the removal of all decorations after the completion of the function. The Black Knight Inn is not responsible for damage or loss of articles left in the hotel, prior to, during or following any event by the client guests attending the function.


Cancellation of the meeting room 2 weeks prior to the date will result in 100% charge of the meeting room cost. Cancellation of the meeting room 1 week prior to the date will result in 100% charge of the meeting room and catering cost.

Final Guarantee

The Sales and Catering Office must be notified of the guaranteed number of guests attending the function no later than 12:00 pm five (5) business days prior to the event. Guarantees are not subject to reduction. If no guarantee is given, the group will be charged based on attendance expected or the actual number served, whichever is greater. Upon request and space permitting, the hotel will set up seating for 5 percent above the guaranteed number only.


The Black Knight Inn must have a confirmed method of payment before an event. Credit applications are available through the Sales Representatives for the purpose of direct billing.

Additional Information

Our staff will honor your guest’s requests during your function where additional charges may apply. Please notify us in advance if we should get the approval from person in charge at the function before any requests have been honored. If your expected number of guests decreases by 25 percent or more, additional charges may apply and we do reserve the right to change the room to better suit your needs.


Hotel Dining Inquiries


Email Sales & Catering Team